About us

Empower Safer Communities By Delivering Life Saving Training
I am Joe Griego
My passion led me to to help others

Care Tactics CPR was founded in 2012 by Joe Griego. Joe, a US Navy Veteran, was an Albuquerque area EMT/firefighter at the time and started the company as a way to help make our community a safer place to live and play. Joe eventually went on to become a police officer in 2014, serving as a SWAT Medic and drug interdiction officer.  After numerous emergency call responses, he realized the need for our community to learn life saving skills so the whole 911 system could be more successful. 

CPR classes were taught with one manikin in peoples homes and businesses and the vision of Care Tactics began to take flight.

Joe eventually began to teach courses to Native American Reservations , non-profit organizations, day cares, hospitals, police departments, ambulance services and dentist offices in order to spread life saving knowledge.

The company has now grown to have divisions in AED sales, first aid kit sales, instructor advancement training, and advanced medical intervention divisons. Care Tactics grew to teach medical schools, health fairs, medical conventions, government organizations and we now even teach statewide! As a mainly mobile service during its first 5 years of operations, we are proud to announce we have opened our very first location in 2018!

You can now find us at 1111 Alameda Blvd NW Albuquerque, NM 87114 inside of the Cottonwood Plaza complex.