Our Staff

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Joe Griego


Joe was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM and is a native of the north valley. Joe is a proud father of two and donates his time as a Little League and Special Olympics coach. Joe is a service-connected US Navy Veteran with over 10 years of public service under his belt as a previous Albuquerque area Firefighter/EMT and local Police Officer. Joe has experience in running EMS calls in the rural and metro areas and has advanced training in trauma, extrication, and critical incident management. Joe’s experience in emergency medicine ranges in advanced trauma, tactical combat casualty care, cardiac care, and patient transport. His training as a Police Officer has afforded him experience in drug interdiction, domestic violence prevention, and advanced roadside impairment. Joe now works as a Set Medic in New Mexico’s booming film industry along side the best emergency medicine technicians in the game, offering care to the cast & crew of tv shows and movies.

Chris Salazar

Operations Manager

Chris was born and raised the north valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chris has three brothers and is a proud father of 3 and husband to a beautiful bride. Chris volunteers his time as a little league baseball coach. After graduating from Valley High School, Chris enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he bravely served our country for 8 years. As a squad leader the safety of his Marine’s was always his main priority. Chris received extensive battle field training along with medical intervention training by both the USMC and US Navy. Chris is a vital member of the Care Tactics team as he operates the officer on a daily basis. Chris’ mission is to ensure the city of Albuquerque is a safe place for his children to grow and play. Chris’ military experience has transferred to great leadership for our company.

Alec Griego

Director of Online Sales

Alec was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. With his experience in both web design and social media outreach he was able to start a consulting agency called Above and Beyond Social Media where he helps small businesses in Albuquerque to increase their social media presence. Alec is an Eagle Scout, where he learned various medical skills. Alec is a loving family man who has a passion for the community and is proud to be a member of the CAREtactics team.

Lincoln Freeman

BLS Instructor

Lincoln Freeman was born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico. In 2007, he moved out to the bay area of Northern California to care for his grandmother, who was 89 years old at the time (as of February 2017, she is 100!). After attending the EMT program at “Fast Response” school of health care in Berkeley, CA he gave back to his alma mater. Lincoln returned to teach the EMT program and took part in building many young careers. He quickly started working for a number of BLS ambulance companies thereafter. His emergency medical experience includes tours with Pro Transport and Production Medics which included doing standby for the MythBusters and other productions. Lincoln has been a lead CPR, First Aid and BLS instructor for the last decade and has accolades in many different teaching platforms.

Earl Graff

ACLS/PALS Instructor

Earl is a registered nurse with over six years of experience in many different facets of nursing. Earl has worked in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and has extensive training in cardiac care and trauma. As a former corrections officer, Earls adds great experience to the line up of current or former first responders on the Care Tactics staff. Earl has training in mass casualty response, disaster relief, and is a volunteer member of the New Mexico Medical Reserves team. Earl also aids our team in CPR/AED, First Aid, and Basic Life Support instruction.

Christopher Serrano

CPR Instructor

Chris was born and raised in Northern New Mexico where he first found his love for selfless service. Chris became a volunteer fire fighter after high school and fell in love with serving his community. He moved to Albuquerque on a mission to continue his education in studying to become a teacher. He took an EMT class while in college and decided he wanted to switch careers to become a first responder. He set his eyes on a new path and became a wildland firefighter/EMT. Chris spent long days and night on deployments as his teams EMT and learned he had a gift in medicine. He is currently a structure firefighter/EMT in the Albuquerque area and proudly serves. He is passionate about helping people and has a passion for teaching others life saving techniques.

Jacob Serrano

CPR Instructor

Jacob Serrano is a native of Española, NM where he graduated in 2010. Jacob moved to Albuquerque in order to pursue business school. Half way through the program he found that his mission in life was to serve others and made a career with to emergency medicine. He set his eyes on becoming an Emergency Medical Technician. After working hard to earn his license, Jacob proudly works for a local ambulance company as an EMT on the STEMI/Cardiac response team. In addition to being a local hero, Jacob has continued his efforts to help others learn the skills necessary to save lives and is a very crucial member to the CAREtactics team.