Pediatric Advanced Life Support training in Albuquerque, NM

So, I chose to write this article to kinda highlight the fact that we teach PALS. I’m trying to find things that incorporate our different classes but I think by throwing in some articles that talk about children and pediatric type emergencies, that might pique the interest of people with kids to come take a class… ? Ok here’s the article and I’ll post it on FB too:

Did you know that respiratory emergencies are one of the major causes of cardiac arrest in children? Although some respiratory problems are more severe than others, knowing what to look for and when to take your child to their pediatrician is the first step in preventing a life threatening emergency. Common symptoms and signs of respiratory distress include anxiety, flaring of the nostrils (to help draw in more air), pale skin, bluish lips and nails (lack of oxygen), very rapid or very slow breathing with retractions (breathing muscles working hard), noisy breathing (Wheezing, grunting, barking cough), and in severe cases a decreased level of consciousness. If your child has a respiratory emergency, it is important to keep yourself and your child calm to avoid further distress, place your child in a position of comfort and call 911 immediately

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